From designer brands, high street names, to local shops, there’s something for everyone. 

Discover the history behind each local shop.  You could be shopping in a former secret Den of the Chartist Movement!

Shop at the Top
For The latest arrivals, promotions and offers in our local shops, visit the 'Shop at the Top' Facebook page.  Click on the shop icon to be redirected to the Facebook site.
Lakeside Retail Park
5 minutes walk from the city centre is a shopping complex featuring ASDA Superstore, Home Bargains, Halfords, other card & gift shops, restaurant, clothing and grocery stores.  Perfect for a family day out.
Brynmawr Market
Every Saturday, local farmers, butchers and other retailers gather at the Market Square to sell fresh local produce.  Enjoy local Banter, while shopping farm fresh produce.




Actively supporting the local Community in Brynmawr

Festival Park
The 'Garden' Festival park became popular in the 1980s and attracted millions of visitors to Ebbw Vale.  Today it is a shopper's paradise, with over 40 Retail Brand shops, an Adventure park and Owl Sanctuary.  A perfect day out destination for families and adventure seekers.
Beaufort Street
The local shopping high street.  Above is a picture of the street in the 1920s.  Have fund discovering what the street and shops look like to day.  Choice of shops include clothing, Beauty lounges, DIY, Banks, charity shops, pharmacy, Banks, Cafes & Takeaways,off licence stores and more...


The capital of Wales, less than 1 hour from Brynmawr.

Recently named the 6th best shopping destination in the UK



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Brynmawr Wales

The Highest Town in Wales. Legendary Historic Trails. Great outdoors Activities. Must See Attractions.  A Warm Hearted Local Community.